Vinyl Wrap Edmonton, AB


Vinyl Wrap

Prestige Performance & Restyling Lab is the trusted source for high-end car vinyl wrapping services in Edmonton, Alberta. We are experts in Avery Dennison vinyl film installation, which will make your car unique and appealing. The application of a vinyl wrap is an excellent way to restyle your vehicle and turn it into a true extension of your personality

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping

Protects Paint

Car vinyl wrapping will protect the car’s original painting from abrasions and stone chips.


The vinyl materials we use are durable and will protect your vehicle from scratches, and chips from debris.

Cost Less than comparable Paint Job

Vinyl wrapping is relatively affordable compared to a regular paint job.

Easy to restore to original paint

If you choose to remove the vinyl wrap, you can have our experts remove it without any complications and revert

back to car’s original paint color.

Partial Wrapping

Unlike a paint job, you don’t have to wrap the entire vehicle. You can decide to do some parts of the Vehicle and

ignore others and your vehicle will still look sleek.

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