Xpel Paint Protection Film (PPF) Edmonton, AB


Xpel Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Prestige Performance & Restyling Lab provides installation services of the most advanced paint protection (Xpel) film in Edmonton, AB. Paint protection film is a clear, thick polyurethane film that is “wet installed” onto a vehicle’s surface to protect and prevent chipping, scratches, and etching.

Our work process is based on the highest standards, factory training and 100% customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to satisfy you with the premium quality services and excellent results.

Satin Finish PPF

A paint protection film specifically formulated for preserving a flat factory finish

Give your car a new lease of life with STEALTH ™ ! A paint protection film that ensures all those sleek,Show Car Make & Model will not have any dulling or fading effects on their finish. Whether it be matte finishes like satin cloths in soft shades; magno metalic lustres giving an iridescent sheen – there is always something special about each individual shade and color so why take chances? Selfhealing properties allow this product to heal itself when scratched by abrasion which means you can drive worry-free

Sleek Satin Finish

With its unique satin finish, STEALTH helps match most factory flat paint jobs and virtually disappears on surfaces. The evenly-textured surface will add an interesting touch to your matte or gloss finishes for something that is both customized yet seamless looking!


When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.

Easy Maintenance

Flat finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair. STEALTH enables you to easily wash and dry your car without damaging its sheen.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film (PPF)

This film’s self-healing surface significantly improves the performance and durability of automotive paint finishes.

Over time, this minor damage takes away from the beauty of your finish. Added protection helps keep it fresh and

new looking.

Resistance to yellowing and stains from dirt, oil, tar and bugs helps keep your paint color true and fresh looking


Gloss and matte options match factory and custom paints, so it’s difficult to detect where paint protection film has

been installed.

A hydrophobic, clear coating provides water resistance to enhance the durability of your vehicle’s exterior.

Ensure Your Satisfaction

We promise to protect your investment in automotive film and installation with a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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